Have you ever read a book that really captures your attention and interest? Have you ever watched a movie and its ending made you wish for a sequel? Have you ever been dissatisfied with a particular ending, thus made you wish for a different one? Well then, look no further because I am about to make it worse. Welcome. Welcome to The Unfinished.

Just recently I was reading a book online and before I could even get to the juicy part, I was asked to download the app so that I could read the book from the app. Annoying, right? Well, I am too lazy for that so I figured, I may not be the only one who dislikes it. I found it very similar to these online posts that have a really amazing product on offer, but have not indicated the prices. They then ask you to inbox them in order to get the prices. I get that this aids to ward off jokers, but it has to be the most annoying thing.

This category is going to make you even hate it more. I have always aspired to write a book, but writing that much content is not that easy. My mind doesn’t make it easier for me as it is never in one place and although I have had bits of material I have never really finished any one. However, I do not intend to do so, well, unless I am writing about myself and the story can actually come to an end, and I could get inspiration every minute as the scenes unfold. Without that material, however, its harder to imagine it all. Therefore, this category is for unfinished books. He he. Unless you have read a book and were unable to finish it, you may not understand why this category will frustrate you, although I hope that it does so regardless.

The wind blew across the fields, causing the plants to sway and the trees to sing. The song of nature. He asked her to imagine a world where there was no wind and the trees and vegetation stood at a standstill. She thought that it would be out of place, an abnormality. Her thoughts reflected his as well, only that he had an explanation for it.

“The mind that created nature is the same mind that created you. You are a creature of that mind and as such you will feel it abnormal for one aspect of nature to be missing. You too, share the mind of God.”

“Such brilliance,” she thought. She shivered.

“Are you cold?”

“It is chilly. We should head back to the town. I enjoyed the afternoon out. I would like us to have another.”

Immediately after those words left her mouth, she regretted it. She is not very acquainted with the young man, not to mention the fact that he may not wish for another afternoon like this.

He smiled. “Very well. I will pick you up in two days. Oh, and Joce-line, I enjoyed the afternoon as well.”

He covered her with his jacket and they walked back to the truck. They both remained silent throughout the drive back, possibly thinking about the afternoon they had shared. The young man intrigued her. However, she could not let him know as it was frowned upon when a young lady pursues a young gent. The silence was comfortable. He walked her to her door and bid her farewell.

“Thank you for the afternoon Joce-line. It was lovely. I hope to see you soon.”

He planted a light kiss on her cheek and walked to his truck. He was pleased with the young lady and how the afternoon turned out. He yearned for another. He started the truck and drove off. Joce-line stood by the door and watched him leave and just as the truck almost disappeared from her view, it blew up.




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