Usually, when I intend to write, I never really know what to write about. I can imagine this is what musicians and artists go through before creating a masterpiece, only that my pieces aren’t really that magnificent. Let’s just say, I haven’t got my mojo yet, or maybe I need a little training? Not sure. Well, this is what was going through my mind that resulted in the creation of a new category; The Randomness. Not sure how that sounds like, but my Lord isn’t that liberating! Now I can write without really having one thing to stick to one topic.

Welcome. Welcome to The Randomness!

Instinctively, after I said that I realized that I copied Rick…

“Welcome Morty. Welcome to Anatomy Park!”

I really hope you guys can keep up though. How I type most of the times is how I talk and is what is simultaneously on my mind. Therefore, I write what I think, literally.

Oh, and you guys don’t talk much, I mean, what is the comment section for? Please do tell me your thoughts and opinions about anything, start a conversation and let me know what you would like me to write about. This doesn’t mean I am out of ideas, it means you tell me what you want me to create out of any scenario you can think of, excluding sexual, political and offensive material.

Growing up, I really loved writing, as you know by now. For me, writing was more of an expression of what was going on in my mind, a sort of a simulation of some kind. This is actually why I love reading. Reading creates a simulation in my mind that the author of the material keeps fueling as I keep on reading. It is far much better than watching the same content on a video, the videos are not always detailed. sometimes, these simulations are so random, some have no connection whatsoever with the other. They are more like how my computer always is: with two or three browsers open with multiple tabs running, and more often than not with some music playing in the background. describing these simulations with words is what my writing is about, unless I am writing about one topic that requires research and a lot of critical analysis.

Writing about one topic is harder for me than writing about everything at the same time. I need a lot of concentration and focus in order to minimize the rest of the tabs and browsers to focus on one thing. More often than not, I usually have three or more draft articles pending that I simultaneously work on. I find this very interesting, but after spending three weeks in an almost solo isolation, I am convinced that I must be a little annoying. I am not sure if I give complete attention to one thing, and this must make others feel that I am less concerned about what they tell me or speak to me about. Thus, I am more likely to have very few friends and long term commitments.

So now that you have a little insight into how I write, I hope *wink* that you will enjoy the randomness my mind simulates.


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