I hate how ignorant people can be when commenting about other people’s lives, relationships and the overall state at which they are, among other things. Time and time again I have commented on previous articles about how much of a struggle learning how to be patient has been. I can tell you for a fact that dealing with lawyers or advocates is the worst experience, probably in the history of time. 

PS: For the purposes of this article, kindly tolerate some exaggerated points of view. I am venting after all.

As you learn patience and strive to unlearn what you consider toxic, you become resilient to whatever trash people throw at you on a daily and still choose to move on without addressing it. Honestly if you told me years ago that this is the person I’d become, I would not even laugh it off. In fact, I would not find it funny. Growth, I guess. But is it really worth it?

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So, if you’ve been following, I did mention that I got into the Law School. Clamor and the pressure to get admission was so unreal. However, as we progress into the academic year, it gets tougher and meaner for the students. Let me not speak for anyone else though. I remember that I had to visit the school around four times to secure an admission. Well that is definitely nothing compared to the amount of reading and research that has to be done.

But surely, we must have been used to this in undergrad, right?

Well what can I say, different levels, different experiences.

You are okay though, right? I mean you can deal?

Yeah I’m terrific, I mean we are in a pandemic so learning is quite smooth.

Oh for sure, you remember that one time your microphone was unmuted and everyone heard what they shouldn’t hear? Oh wait, remember that lady from that other class who had her video on with a whole beauty face mask on, right? Oh wait, the power kept going off and you missed some classes and couldn’t find time to watch the recordings, but at least that was some free period, right?

You’re missing the pont.

Oh, my apologies.

What can I say, virtual learning has had its ups and downs, but I did not even comment on this because like I said, we’re in a pandemic and no alternative can be 100% effective. Did I mention work? Okay, so this one time my superior and I accompanied a client to the station to have their case sorted out. I do not remember being as mad as I was that day. Basically, the client let us know that we are getting paid to ensure that his best interests are secured. Did I mention that we were schooled on his Amendment rights? I’m sure he’ll figure out that we’re in Kenya though. Oh wait, that did not beat that one woman who was at this other station my colleague and I went to to ensure that our client was not falsely charged and /or arrested and detained. Long story short, we were assigned a different sexual orientation than what we go by.

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So far, this year has taught me to bite my tongue and keep it moving because, at the end of the day, I have a million other things that require my time and energy. This is not to say that they do not get to me. Like some people say, it is never that serious. I find this rather absurd and very uncalled for by the way. Do not make the mistake of saying that in my presence, especially if you threw in some very insensitive comments just before. This is the very situation I found myself in while proposing other ideas for whatever my team and I were working on. No, this is not in relation to work, rather, school. Did I mention that dealing with persons in the legal profession is the absolute worst? I feel like that needs repeating. Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware we were having a dick measuring contest in relation to who knows what. This has been the worst experience for me because persons I have interacted with feel the need to be told that they are right. And I hate it because within the profession, it goes without saying that ‘he who alleges must prove’. This is an evidence principle in law that requires the party alleging a particular fact to adduce evidence to prove the same. Quite frankly, persons in the profession take this quite literally on their day to day interactions. However, there is no need to insult a colleague’s or any other person’s intelligence. That is probably the highest form of disrespect you can accord a person. The fun that was to come with this post-graduate diploma flew out the window before the first month was over, and this article has been a long time coming. The excitement of a new chapter fizzled out and the only thing that is currently keeping me in school is the fact that I need this post-grad to qualify as an advocate. I am of the opinion that this is the reality of every learning institution and, you may say that it is not different out there. My point is, I hope you are wrong because if not, then this is just sad.

Overall, I completely sad. I remember promising myself that I’d get my social life in order once I graduated. Lets just say, that is probably the one thing I do not have time for. I think that it is quite unhealthy and is making me lose it a bit. I remember that I called my mom one time and as we were talking, I mentioned that I had zero friends at the moment. What was funny was that she did not even find that alarming in any way and that got me wondering whether it was because every time I was asked if I was okay, my answer always was “I’m alright”. However, I have made it this far, and the upcoming one week break will be fully utilized. ‘What for?’ you ask … I’ll sleep in, probably make zero friends too while at it but my back needs it, lol.

“How is it that simple to let things go?

I have been through a lot to spend even a second thinking about such things. Time is money.

You’ll remember that there are a million better things that you’d rather do than go back and forth with an individual that needs validation; or one that drags your face through the mud in order to come out on top, and this, my dear, will be such a norm in your practice. Always remember, even if you disagree, show respect.

Sigh. I really want to be mad, well, I am mad because they were so calm about such things. However, there is truth in what they speak. Lawyers bill for conversations. I will learn to let things go and focus on what is more important, because honestly, I am not getting paid for that which is not.


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  1. I love the revamp BTW.
    It’s funny how yesterday I was thinking how the phrase “it’s never that serious ” shouldn’t be there because it’s always serious and then I come read it here today..
    Well I hope the venting has helped 😆

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