There’s no chance that you’ll ever see this, but if you do, you will never know that it’s about you.

It takes everythig in me not to find you again, not to call you or shoot you a text. I want to believe that it is the universe’s little test to see if I am the person I say I am. I vow to keep my promise and stay away, but I feel like a hypocrite because in the absence of  any communication, I find myself caring all the more. I want to believe that I am this strong and resilient human being from a little town upcountry. I think I am not. I think in more ways than one, I have shown my vulnerability, my hurt, my sadness and my fragility. I choose to embrace who I am, in all my weaknesses and faults.

For the long conversations and the pleasant views, the intense gaze and beautiful smells, I hope that we meet again in this life or the next, for my desire to see you again is insatiable. I want you to know, that I never will stop caring about you, or thinking about you. You win. You were right.

“Sometimes you think all you want to do is disappear, but what you really want is to be found.”

You don’t owe me anything and I will never expect anything from you, but do me a favour; don’t forget me.


3 a.m. Thoughts


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