“Turn down the radio a bit, it’s a little loud. And could you roll down the windows a bit? Thanks.”

The girls were driving with their mom and the youngest of them always sat at the co-driver’s seat regardless of who drives; unless their dad was present. She had an unusual feeling, it was getting hotter and the weather was not make things easier.

“Are you alright?” Her mom asked, genuinely concerned.

“Yes, it’s just really hot in here.”

Her mom turned on the AC and rolled down the windows a bit.

However, the fact that it got more uncomfortable made her realize that something was terribly wrong. They were driving behind two trucks, one a trailer and the other an oil truck. Suddenly, the trailer veered off the road and had part of its metal head seemingly cut into the body of the oil truck. It happened so fast and so unusually that it made absolutely no sense. Now was not the time for judging what might or might not make sense; the oil truck was spilling oil from its cut body.

The trailer lost control and started spinning due to the position of the impact, given that both vehicles did not stop moving, even after the little collision. The trucks now ‘hinged’ together, turned around and around in an almost perfect sequence, all the while spilling oil. The spillage on the dual road was messy and the tires of both cars drove over the spillage, causing them to lose the grip on the tarmac. The vehicles behind them seemed to do so as well and drivers tried to get control of their vehicles.

Her mom tightened her grip the steering will as she tried not to panic and suddenly break as this would cause the vehicle to roll. Due to the friction of the metals, the sparks caused a flame that was fueled up by the oil spillage. The flame followed the spillage and it was only sometime before the vehicles in contact with the oil exploded.

Registering this, the youngest of the girls ordered her mother and her sister to get out of the vehicle immediately. As soon as she said that, her mother seemingly gained control of the vehicle and brought it to a sudden halt. Thank God for seat belts, right? Her sister was seated on her right side just behind her mother and got out through that door when she realized that she messed up.

Her mother jumped out fast and ran behind the car to the rails on the left and shouted for her kids to join her. There was no spillage over there and no traffic. Therefore, it being a little farther away from the scene she opted it safe compared to running in the direction she and the rest of the drivers came from. She was on the other side of the road, the safer side.

Just as she was jumping out of the car, the youngest daughter was suspended mid-air by an unknown force and that is when she saw everything unfold horrifically. Their vehicle was the nearest one on the lane to the two trucks. It was almost too perfect that nobody, neither them nor the rest of the people in the cars behind them were injured and that all the vehicles managed to stay on track without any veering off the road.

Her suspension mid air caused her to see that none of the people behind them thought like her mother. Nobody else crossed to the other side of the road, away from the spillage. Her heart started pounding and she looked at her mother, who was scared of the thing or force making her daughter float mid-air. As if she remembered something worse than that, she looked at her daughter’s face and her daughter registered why her mother was horrified: her sister.

Her suspension was such that she could feel the heat of the on-coming fire, but she was high up such that she could avoid being burned alive… almost as if the force holding her up wanted her to witness the horrific scene that was about to unfold. That is when she saw it. The flame was approaching fast and her sister was on the wrong side of the road. Her mother’s look was a desperate one: save my first born child.

The flame was now right in front of her and her sister was a few feet back. She saw the flame go under her and she caused her whole body to a flip mid-air. She saw her sister’s black sneakers while upside down and was screaming to her to get to her mother. However, the flame was faster and it seemed to block her path. She was only lucky because she did not step on the spillage. Everything in the moment was almost as if it was carefully choreographed; the spillage ought to have made a mess of the road, and it did, only that the path her sister took was not spilled on, almost as if she knew not to step on it. I mean, what luck, right? Wrong.

Image Courtesy Jordan W. Thatcher @JordernWThatcher on Twitter

She continues screaming at her to cross over the rail to the other side of the road where her mother was. Then it hit her: if she can float, she can fly and instead of yelling at her sister, she can just swoop in and get her herself. That’s when she realized that she cannot move, she can float but cannot fly. She felt desperate, anxious and angry and in that instant, tears welled up in her eyes almost as if she knew that she could do nothing, but watch. She held her breath as fear crippled her. She let out her hands as if to hold her older sister’s hand, and it did not seem to matter that she was meters away. Her sister looked back at her and held out her hand, terrified. The raging flames caught up to her sister and she felt her heart being torn out of her chest. She let out a scream, she was in anguish, in unbearable pain. She felt… she felt death, then complete emptiness.


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