good at being horrible

Just so you know, I would not re-post it, because I probably will always give a fuck, just not in the same way.

I Hope You’re Getting Paid for Testing My Patience

I will learn to let things go and focus on what is more important, because honestly, I am not getting paid for that which is

Less words, more tears

I order in and cry as I eat, then after a few bites I’m like, this is truly finger licking good, huh? And press play[…]

I need a whiteboard, I mean …!

This reminds me, I didn't even want a computer back when I was getting into campus but leave it to my dad to promote local[…]

Silence is also Speech

I had to do what I do best, go silent. In the privacy of the moments I had alone, I grieved because I was deeply[…]

A little history behind my voice

I have learnt that my voice is a powerful tool and that while some situations require my fierce persona, some require that calm and centered[…]

Supranational and Municipal law in relation to the Constitution of Kenya, 2010

Article 2 (5) and (6) have nothing or of little significance to do with the monist-dualist categorization. Most importantly, it DOES NOT transform Kenya from[…]

The beginning of it all

Yes you can yell at me later, I yelled at me too. On a Sunday afternoon, I sat down and did what I do when[…]

When sleep eludes me, I remember

[...] my name could be the very thing that defines me, the thing that gives me purpose, the thing I draw my strength from and[…]

Kenya’s Correctional Services’ ‘hidden’ potential in the Era of Sustainable Development

Humanity has the ability to make development sustainable; sustainable development having the meaning of development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising[…]