Counsel must bear in mind that in deciding whether or not to object, regard must be had of the relevance and admissibility rule. What is[…]


Time validates the existence of matter, but moments, moments bring out life and death of every living thing. This might be the origin of "live[…]


Know your worth and remember who you are. Do not fumble, for the Universe will show you your purpose. Trust your instincts, care as deeply[…]

Last Lap

Well, aqcuiring knowledge may come easy for persons in the legal profession seeing as they are naturally curious individuals with a thirst for knowledge and[…]


Beards. I never really know how to go about them. I see how different it changes appearances (for the better, that's for sure) but I[…]


Growing up with, our primary school was big on books. We grew up reading Pacesetters and graduated to full-blown novels in high school. Now we[…]


Haya! My sister starts singing for my mom and my dad joins her. The horror! I had managed to get back up and sit on[…]


I think it is important that men get that mushy mushy kind of love, that constant attention and that reminder that the love being given[…]

do me a favour …

You don't owe me anything and I will never expect anything from you, but do me a favour; don't forget me.

understanding science

As I took my hand out of my mouth, for a split second I looked at her ... Really looked at her. She had a[…]