What about… what about… whataboutery!

My sister pointed me to a video clip of Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame being asked about the ‘serious violations of civil and political rights’ highlighted[…]

Friendship and work

When I think about it, my friends really shaped how my work and life experience has been so far. I am of the opinion that[…]

campus prompted me to writing

When the time came for me to join campus, I was really choosy as to where I would like to attend college. For most teens[…]

A two-decade long state violence

My new read is “Criminology in Africa” a book by Tibamanya mwene Mushanga. In this book, a whole chapter is dedicated to what Mushanga calls[…]


Dr Tatu Kamau is the woman in courts championing for the practice of Female Genital Mutilation as a rite of passage to be upheld, but[…]